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Pieter van Tilburg

“Complexity is something tax law doesn’t need. Let’s keep it simple.”

Before Pieter’s time at Archipel, he worked as a tax consultant for two large top-tier firms. At the first firm, his colleagues consisted of lawyers and civil-law notaries, at the second firm, they were mainly accountants. The resulting diversity of portfolios on which he has worked has given him a broad understanding of tax practice.

It has also made him realise that tax law is cluttered and complex, and therefore incomprehensible to the average taxpayer. This contributes to the fact that a large part of the tax rules results from a proliferation of directives, decisions and non-codified case law, and that the Belastingdienst (tax authorities) sometimes operates on the basis of internal memos that are not available to the public.

As a tax advisor, he therefore tries to remove precisely that complexity, by including the client in a way that suits a boutique like Archipel, where the client’s ultimate goal always comes first. For him, advising is a great pleasure when he brings everyone on the same page.

This is evidenced by many of his publications on the Archipel Tax Advice website, in the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Fiscaal Recht (Sdu’s Dutch Journal for Tax Law, known by the acronym NTFR) and in the Weekblad Fiscaal Recht (Wolters Kluwer’s Weekly Tax Law Journal, known by the acronym WFR).

Some of Pieter van Tilburg’s website content includes:

And much, much more. If you are looking for tax advice (fiscaal advies) on any tax-related subject, feel free to reach out to Pieter van Tilburg or one of his colleagues.

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Fair Market Value
Management Incentive Plans / Employee Participations
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International corporate and personal tax
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