Our Method & Rates

tax services digitized.
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Our method & rates

Automation is at the core of our firm. We have programmed our complete back-office into our custom-made PHP portal that we call ‘MyArchipel’. And in the front-office, we continuously maintain our database of best practices, 101’s and designs.

Why? Because we find fulfillment in helping those pushing the envelope succeed. And our contribution to that lies in the creativity and conciseness of our tax work; not in the time we spend doing admin or drafting stuff we’ve drafted before. So: we decided to bring tax services into the 21st century by using some tech.

What does MyArchipel do:

  1. For us: it ties our KYC dossiers, document filing, time logging and financial administration into one single system;
  2. For you: it provides you, per ‘job’, with direct access to your files and deliverables, live and unedited insights into your time sheets and invoices.

Since time is the measure of our service costs, we need to use that time very efficiently to be accessible for as many envelope pushers as possible. By automating and standardizing what what we can -the tedious and repetitive stuff-, we prioritize the value-adding work that we actually studied for: the detailed (and creative!) tax stuff.

With the underlying legal work being of the top quality that our Bar Association warranties, our design department helps make our ‘detailed tax stuff’ clear and actionable. So that your deliverable is top notch, but just that little bit fresher and crisper. 

We call it process innovation. We call it 21st century tax services. And we call it: great days at the office.    

I have been trying to structure my company and personal interests and assets into one workable whole. And simultaneously consider all the legal and tax implications that go with it. I met Bas and the team at Archipel through a start-up project I am involved in. I found them to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and creatively informative. They applied themselves to try and understand my circumstances and offer creative solutions for the multinational company structures I was trying to integrate. I have, with Archipel’s help, managed to achieve my goals and am extremely satisfied with the outcomes. They are an energetic, proactive, experienced team in whom I would have no hesitation in recommending.

Alexis Wadman (NL/SA)
Founder of Wedgit and Gyrafit

Our rates

Our rate card is short and simple

Now that we’ve got the uncomfortable stuff out of the way, don’t hesitate to ask for the possibilities. We are keen to find out what we can offer you!