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Tax advice is such a simple product in its description: your advisor’s guidance on how you can best reach your tax related goal. So what determines its added value ?

The accuracy and alignment in ‘getting you right’, the expertness and resourcefulness of the advisors that work on your ask, and the clarity and logistical efficiency of your deliverable. 

How do we address this?

First, we get you right by aligning you with the best fitting advisor. On a personal and on a professional level. The ‘Archipel bunch’ prides itself in being tax advisors by vocation, and in deriving energy from that work. So tell us what we can help you with; we are eager to do it. 

We invest in our expertness and eminence. Our professionals are academic enthusiasts who continuously keep up with the standards of excellence as curated by the Dutch Bar Association of Tax Lawyers. With the likes of regular contributors to legal journals, professors of tax law and seasoned veterans of the industry, we are sure to have your answers ready.

Then when we get to the nitty gritty, we make sure to be efficient. Our complete back office is programmed into a single custom built application called MyArchipel. It is accessible to both of us and geared to cover filing, time registration and archiving. That saves us back office time to do what you came to us for. Your taxes.

Finally, our end deliverables are always curated by our Tax Design and Communications department. Using visuals to make the complex actionable. And no jargon. Just clear recommendations and guidance. Let’s work!

What I mostly like in Archipel is the personalized service we got. Archipel is a boutique firm that employs professional calibers with international experience and extensive business knowledge in The Netherlands. I recall when we first connected, not only did we discuss the legal setup in the Netherlands, but we also touched base on the overall legal setup in the US too. The minutes of our first meeting that were communicated were simple yet detailed. They included a roadmap too. The follow-up throughout the incorporation, with the notary public, and the connections to other business entities in The Netherlands was very helpful. Solid advice, flexible personalized service, transparency, professionalism, and pleasant/personable interaction all those traits make of Archipel our long-term partners for sure.  

Mo Ghalayini
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