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Rolf Gelissen

“Our work shouldn’t stop once we’ve explained to the client what the law says; that’s when it starts. Standing next to your client, telling him or her what his or her options are and supporting him or her where necessary to get it sorted out. That’s what gives me fulfilment.”

Besides taxation, I have a passion for cooking and am a fervent endurance athlete (triathlon). And in my work I see a lot of common ground with my hobbies: you need to choose the right ingredients when cooking, and to finish in a full triathlon you need to have a long breath. You also see this at Archipel: our advice is characterised by the (for you) right ingredients and our advisors are characterised by having a long breath. In the more than 25 years that I’ve been working in taxation, it always motivates me to protect the taxpayer from the pitfalls that our increasingly complex legislation provides, and thus also to protect our clients against careless legislation or a one-sided interpretation thereof by the government. It’s even better if I can use my experience and overview to help our clients retain or increase value by making use of the opportunities that tax law also offers.

After having worked in (international) tax matters for over 25 years at large advisory firms, the last 14 of which as a partner at one of the so-called Big 4, I now experience the excitement of setting up the second branch of this innovative firm, together with my partners in The Hague. From our new office at the Wilheminasingel in Maastricht, we work – together with our colleagues from The Hague – to serve our clients in the south of the country, but also the so-called ‘Nederbelg‘ and ‘Nederduitser‘ and to help them find their way in the constantly changing national and international tax laws and regulations. Over the past 25 years, I have seen a wide range of tax issues pass in review. Whereas in the early years of my career I was mainly active for the internationally operating corporate client, in recent years the focus has mostly been on both the (larger) family business and (of course) the associated family, as well as the DMSs and their businesses. In addition, this knowledge and experience has recently proven to be very valuable in assisting start-ups and scale-ups at an early stage.

In addition to my work as a tax consultant, I have also been working at Maastricht University as a tax law lecturer for more than 20 years. This is also the university where I studied tax law myself. The great thing about teaching there is that I am not only allowed to transfer knowledge and experience to the current generation of students (and thus give something back in a certain sense), but also there hasn’t been a academic year that I have learned nothing new myself. Teaching keeps me – as well as the cooperation with my colleagues – alert and sharp in my field and prevents me from acting on autopilot and not being able to offer my clients what they deserve.


Special areas of interest

Corporate income tax;
International and European business taxation;
Structures of the multinational (family) company & its shareholders;
Support with mergers and acquisitions;

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