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Bas Jorissen

“I am a tax advisor because taxes speak strongly to my sense of justice. Taxes should support a stronger society and should never be a limiting factor to it”

Taxes should serve ‘the greater good’, but complex legislation and overkill often lead to an opposite effect without the proper diligent guidance. By providing that diligent guidance, I want to help our clients overcome tax related obstacles. With a realistic view on obligations and responsibilities, but also with a creative view on opportunities and possibilities.

After having worked at two Big 4 audit firms over the years, in the international ruling practice at the first and in the national and family business practice at the latter, I founded Archipel at the end of 2017 together with Cees and Pieter-Bastiaan. My personal underlying goal with that move was to be able to provide clear and concise advice without having to run a time consuming administration. As far as I’m concerned, tax advice should always contain concrete conclusions and recommendations, and its price should not be inflated by non-tax related peripheral activities. I am proud of the way we give shape to this idea at Archipel, for instance by developing and using MyArchipel, and I therefore thoroughly enjoy doing business this way. The experiences this generates, I use in my advices. I feel that’s how Archipel makes true on its intention to really help clients move forward and to be a fun and inspiring workplace!


Special areas of interest

Structuring of enterprises and startups
Employee participations
Shareholder optimizations
FATCA/CRS advice
Fair Economic Value and Transfer Pricing
Innovation measures

What can we do for you

Strange to say… but do you enjoy tax too?

Multinationals & Corporates

Choose the boutique approach for your organization’s tax positions. Our experienced team promises you direct lines and refreshing advice.

Startups & Scaleups

Let us help you find the room in your cashflow for growth, and the leverage in your tax functions to optimize your company value.

MidCap &
Family Owned Business

Let’s join tables and talk taxes. With our positive and swift approach to tax services, we support your focus on all things else.

Private Clients

Deep dive into your personal achievements and future plans with us. We’d love to help you design the landscape if you tell us what’s on your horizon.