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Bas Jorissen

“I am a Tax Advisor to High/Accelerated Growth & Innovative Companies and their Founders. We often find common belief in the notion that ‘Doing Good’ and ‘Doing Business’ go hand in hand, and that business can further SDG Goals and vice versa.”

Pleasure having you on my profile!

For me, tax is a function that can support and encourage that [business<–>SDG] interaction, as it is at its core a language spoken between policy and cash.

Against that background, I am heartfeltly politically engaged and I try to vocally support in tax policy making that advances social mobility, self-sufficiency, sustainability and innovation. My pleasure, then, is helping businesses and their humans find, link-up and leverage any such policies to add financial value. Because that is ultimately what makes any policy worth pursuing, all the more worth pursuing and impactful.

As a founder at Archipel, I like to visualize our client sweet spot in the top-left square in a market matrix where the X-axis represent company size and the Y-axis tax service complexity.

Briefly put: Archipel strives to be the academic-level tax boutique for international and other high-complexity cases involving businesses and persons that are yet pre-Blue Chip or otherwise ‘pre-Big Law target’. Through some process innovation and [PHP] automation, we present the classic ‘Big Law Quality at Boutique Service Conditions’ proposition, albeit with an aim at doing so with a fresh vibe and sound. Vaporwave Tax, if you will :).

Then some of my ‘characteristics as a human’: Dutch guy from The Hague. Sports for relaxation, Archipel for fulfillment and adventure. Intrigued by my Indo-descent. Father to a daughter, proud fiancé to her mother, hike-buddy to my two dogs.
Preferences: for a visit, I choose the USA, Germany, and Austria. I choose Rugby over Football. Bars over Clubs. Funk & Reggae over EDM. Business over Government. Pulpy Crime Thrillers over High Literature. Self-sufficiency over paternalism. And tax over any other field of work!

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Special areas of interest

Structuring of enterprises and startups
Employee participations
Shareholder optimizations
FATCA/CRS advice
Fair Economic Value and Transfer Pricing
Innovation measures

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