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Tax Analyst


Dutch Masters’ degree in Tax Law or Tax Economics


You are a soon to graduate or a freshly graduated tax advisor (still in the NOB-track). You want to experience the tax-workfield ‘for real’ and you are keen to learn and develop yourself. You enjoy working autonomously and want to unfold your commercial side. You find vocation in taxes, and want to work ‘in close quarters’ with an academically driven team. You can handle surroundings in which the flight manual may not yet cover all events, and can accept that overhead-light sometimes means self-action-heavy. However, in the context of autonomy, that is exactly what you expected. Furthermore, you are internationally oriented with an entrepreneurial mindset and in short: you can’t wait to get started!


Dutch Masters’ degree in Tax Law or Tax Economics


Preferably, you have done traineeships at one or multiple offices.


1.400 billable hours



(Total package: €4.500)

Couple extra’s
  • 10% add on for travel and commute
  • 10% add on for pensions
  • 8% holiday allowance
  • Unlimited holidays
  • 5 Virtual Shares in our Virtual Stock Pool
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