There is vocation in taxation; we all understand the budgettary necessity, but Tax Codes’ design often places an uneven charge on that silent minority of risk-takers and long-haulers. 

That’s why as a tax professional, fulfilment lies in working with and for exactly those people. And in being able to look them in the eye, and to communicate with them directly. 

What holds no vocation, though, is administrative work. Especially when it incurrs costs on those tough-grinders you were looking to help. That’s why we find it so strange that our profession often seems to be unfolded in such an administratively burdensome way, often far removed from actually making taxes sensible 

At Archipel, we strive to do that differently. We believe that any advisor’s good tax work comes from their vocation, which is activated through ownership and autonomy. And that is derived from professional freedom and trust. So: we run a low admin, high interaction firm, with a focus on ‘real business’ and always an external orientation.  Tax professionals doing tax work – your job does not take effect on your desk, but on the clients’. 

Curious to find out more? We’d be happy to have you over for a cup of coffee or a beer. There’s always room for good-spirited and driven tax people at our table.

*Aquisition in response to our vacancies is not appreciated.