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Cees Jorissen

“Protecting our clients against unreasonable outcomes and helping them make the most of the room that tax legislation contains gives me enormous amounts of energy”

Ever since I’ve gotten acquainted with tax law, it has motivated me to protect the tax payer against sloppy legislation or a one sided explanation of it by the tax authorities. Even better is when I can use my experience and overview to help our clients conserve or increase value by making the most of the opportunities that tax law can offer.

After having worked in international tax law for over 30 years, first as an Advance Tax Ruling inspector at the Dutch Tax Authorities and later as a partner at one of the Big 4 audit firms, I know live the thrill of setting up an innovative firm together with my partners in greater The Hague. I am excited to serve our clients and to help them find their way in the ever changing domestic and international tax laws and regulations. I add value to the Archipel team with my experience, and I will help discover the full breadth of the law as I have done in the previous phases of my career. My contacts in the international tax world, both at the Tax Authorities and in international networks, will contribute to this.


Special areas of interest

Corporate tax
International company taxation
Structures and transactions involving the Netherlands and the United States
Mergers and acquisitions
Transfer Pricing and value allocation

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