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Eileen ten Boom

‘At Archipel, I can do exactly what I had in mind: combine my two disciplines.’

In 2014, I completed my studies in graphic design. After that I studied communication; something that fits in well with that. Still creative, but a lot more businesslike and substantive. After all, in most cases it’s not just about how something looks, the content is even more important.

At Archipel, I can do exactly what I had in mind: combine my two disciplines. So therefore I am partly a designer, partly a communications specialist at Archipel. In these roles I have various activities, but my main goal is to make everything we produce and communicate look appealing and to make tax understandable for everyone who is not a tax expert (like myself).

What can we do for you

Strange to say… but do you enjoy tax too?

Multinationals & Corporates

Choose the boutique approach for your organization’s tax positions. Our experienced team promises you direct lines and refreshing advice.

Startups & Scaleups

Let us help you find the room in your cashflow for growth, and the leverage in your tax functions to optimize your company value.

MidCap &
Family Owned Business

Let’s join tables and talk taxes. With our positive and swift approach to tax services, we support your focus on all things else.

Private Clients

Deep dive into your personal achievements and future plans with us. We’d love to help you design the landscape if you tell us what’s on your horizon.