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Imke Bos

“I like taking care of life changing events from a tax and social security perspective, with keeping the employees’ and employers’ best interest in mind.”

People taxes are the soft side of tax, and contain more than just taxes and social security premiums. As the employer takes care of employees, I take care of the employment related taxes. It is a complex field of expertise since we have to work together with employees, employers, tax authorities, social security authorities and insurance companies. But the good news is: at the end of the day, everything will be alright!

Before Archipel I have been working as an employment tax advisor and also an inhouse specialist. Since I sat at both sides of the table, I know which advice or implementation really works for the organization.

My field of expertise has a direct impact on the life of employees. As a people tax advisor I keep an eye on the fact that employees are a big asset to employers. Assignments or relocations are life changing events. In these events, there are always the tax and social securities authorities passing by. Even under a normal employment contract, taxes and social security could have a big impact on the employee. If an employer doesn’t meet his obligations to the tax authorities, the employee pays the price. So I’m here to assist in thinking along about the best possible solution, for both employer and employee.

From a employer perspective there is also a lot to do: the administration should be kept properly and the tax authorities, social security authorities and pension insurers should be paid the correct amounts. So it all starts with the payroll and the implementation of the outcome in the financial systems. Key decisions are made based on the figures. Improving processes together with the implication of technology and tooling leads to data driven decisions, and in the end: a higher standard of engagement of the employees.


Special areas of interest

(Inter)national employment tax & social security
Assignments & relocations
HR subsidies & Benefits
Temporary employment & independent contractors
Long term incentives
Tax control frameworks & Tax audits

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