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Bart Kuling

“It is not the will to win, but the will to prepare that makes all the difference.”

I am finishing up my studies in Tax Law at Leiden University. Now it is time for me to see what the real tax practice is about. Previously I’ve worked in accounting and in real estate, both areas that deal with different sides of the tax practice.

Archipel is giving me the chance to experience all aspects of the tax advice discipline, a chance that I am gladly taking. As a rugby player I’ve learned how to push myself as both myself as an individual and as a team, this will surely help me add great mentality here at Archipel Tax Advice!

What I mostly like in Archipel is the personalized service we got. Archipel is a boutique firm that employs professional calibers with international experience and extensive business knowledge in The Netherlands. I recall when we first connected, not only did we discuss the legal setup in the Netherlands, but we also touched base on the overall legal setup in the US too. The minutes of our first meeting that were communicated were simple yet detailed. They included a roadmap too. The follow-up throughout the incorporation, with the notary public, and the connections to other business entities in The Netherlands was very helpful. Solid advice, flexible personalized service, transparency, professionalism, and pleasant/personable interaction all those traits make of Archipel our long-term partners for sure.  

Mo Ghalayini
Front of the House

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