Startups and scaleups require a double focus from an advisor. The first is a tax technical one. Young enterprises often have no or a very limited corporate structure.

By structuring with a long term vision, growth is supported and the business is prepared for, for instance, financing, subsidies, innovation measures and participation plans. In the meantime, the intellectual property must be protected and optimally employed.

The second focus that is required is process related. The way we see it: the company’s legal complexity is already significant, especially when there is ample IP involved, but the growth phase also requires a critical attitude towards the company’s liquidity. So: any advice – no matter how useful or necessary- cannot be too costly. By using MyArchipel, we can work lean and sharp; due to automation, our advisors don’t need to spend time on overhead activities. That’s why all our man-hours are tax related. As a result, we can advise young businesses, without them becoming a training project for junior staff. So: expect our full attention, as a young and innovative business deserves.

Our focus group Startups and Scaleups possesses the creativity and experience required to support young businesses, where not only obligations but also opportunities are observed. In that process, Archipel is keen to act as more than just a tax advisor. For instance, by linking your business to coaches, investors or strategic partners.

We see Startups and Scaleups as our sweet spot and are glad to be of service!

Our clients tell all

  • We have engaged the services of Archipel Tax Advice, and could not be more satisfied with their professionalism, efficiency and personal approach. Cees Jorissen, the founder, and his team are really impressive, always thinking ten steps ahead, thinking for us and with full respect for the law. Whilst it has traditional values, Archipel Tax Advice is modern and progressive and we would recommend them unreservedly.

    Yenly Anbeek
    Yenly Anbeek Director of Mulan Holding AG
  • I have been trying to structure my company and personal interests and assets into one workable whole. And simultaneously consider all the legal and tax implications that go with it. I met Bas and the team at Archipel through a start-up project I am involved in. I found them to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and creatively informative. They applied themselves to try and understand my circumstances and offer creative solutions, for the multinational company structures I was trying to integrate. I have, with Archipel’s help and support, managed to achieve my goals and am extremely satisfied with the outcomes. They are an energetic, proactive, experienced team in whom I would have no hesitation in recommending.

    Alexis Wadman
    Alexis Wadman Founder of Gyrafit
  • (Nederlands) We came to Archipel for tax advice for our a fast growing business in a new domain. After a few good chats, it became apparent that there were many things we could do better and more efficiently. With that, the people at Archipel rapidly elevated our business to the next level. A year further, we now run our company in a tax-smarter way and Archipel is our go-to for complex issues. It is a pro-active and fast-paced bunch that keeps you up to date on new developments and brings together like-minded people. Added benefit: they're fun guys that can definitely go for a drink with too. Even better!  

    Wouter Vonk
    Wouter Vonk Founder of Bitgild BV

We are happy to help

Examples of how our focus group Startups and Scaleups can support you:


  • Transitioning you proprietorship into a legal entity
  • Setting up a proper (IP) structure
  • R&D subsidies and innovation box
  • Linking with subsidies advisors, investors, coaches and partners
  • VAT set up and optimization
  • Shareholder structures and owner planning
  • Employee participations
  • Financing structures

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