“I’m attracted to the tax profession because I enjoy helping our clients understand this often complex field of expertise.”

During my studies, I noticed that tax legislation leaves a lot of room or interpretation and that the boundaries aren’t always clear set. I see a challenge in respecting but also discovering these boundaries, optimizing our clients’ position.

Apart from my activities at Archipel, I enjoy spending time on sports, especially fitness and boxing. The latter sport specifically translates to my daily work. My coach always tells me: “it’s not just about who can hit the hardest, but also about who can best avoid getting hit.” That’s how I see tax law too, because things may not always go as you would have envisaged and obstacles can reveal themselves along the way. At Archipel, I’ve developed myself as a polyvalent tax advisor. My focus, therefore, isn’t necessarily with one single practice, but lies with the ‘breadth’ of taxes. So if you may run into obstacles, I will gladly help you avoid them using this experience!

Special areas of interest:

Startups and Scaleups




Thijme Huurman

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