“Taxation has become a hot topic in the public realm. These developments require thourough and careful attention, but also offer great opportunities!”

As a Trainee Tax Advisor, I have the genuine opportunity to practice tax law whilst obtaining my Masters’ degree in it. And whilst doing so, I feel privileged to work mindfully on taking away tax related obstacles for a broad range of clients. Because this way, we gladly take away our their concerns so they can keep focussing on their core business. On what they do best.

Within the tax realm, the Netherlands characterises itself with a progressive business climate, both for nationally and internationally operating companies. At the same time, taxation has become a hot topic in the public realm.  These developments require thorough and careful attention, but also offer great opportunities. I like to contribute to setting up and maintaining a facilitating tax structure for companies. And Archipel, we work on just that in a positive and creatrive way that actually helps our clients move forward!

Special areas of interest:

Corporate Income Tax (mergers and restructurtings)

International Corporate Tax (cross border transactions and laws)

Startups (finding their way in corporate law as well)

Legal developments

Daan Kok

Daan Kok

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