Continuous insight in your hours



Time spent
The basic method to determine the price of a job, is to multiply the time spent with the applicable hourly rate. Our rates are EUR 250,- (ex vat) for advisory services and EUR 125,- (ex vat) for compliance services.

We gladly discuss how much time any specific job should cost or how we can influence the time incurred, and are always willing to agree on a time cap if so desired. You will have continuous insight into our time spent through MyArchipel, so that cost related surprises are out of the question and you always stay in control.


Fixed Fee
If you prefer a pre-determined fee, we will happily agree on a fixed fee with you. The cost of the job will not be dependent on the actual time spent.


Success Fee
For certain jobs, for instance those that relate to tax recoveries, we can agree on a fee based on the result.


Advice for Equity (Startups)
Instead of a fee in money, we can advise you for a payment in shares. Archipel will be your tax department and cover all your tax affairs.