Our philosophy is that good tax advice is extremely valuable, but only if it is provided in such a way that it really helps you.

How do we do that? By making the advisory process transparent and cooperative. By providing you with continuous insight, and by making the non-tax-related activities as automated as possible and less time-consuming. By thinking positively and creatively, by identifying opportunities, and by daring to take a stand and to attach a concrete recommendation to it. And we keep the advice as clear and simple as possible.

How do we not do this? We do not send high bills for non-tax related auxiliary work and slow services. Nor do we give any unclear advice full of reservations and assumptions in which more risks than opportunities are identified. Furthermore, we do not give advice that is weak in terms of content or well-considered without clear instructions.

In order to reinforce our working method, Archipel works on the basis of the following 6 principles.

Request for proposal

Let us know what we can help you with. We will send you an non-binding offer within 24 hours.



We formulate the question together and at no charge
Archipel never charges hours for exploratory talks in which we, together, what exactly it is that you want to know or what end situation you intend to arrive at.


You choose your advisor
As the ‘click’ you have with your advisor as a person determines the extent in which you feel heard, and with it the extent in which you have confidence in the proposed solution and satisfaction in the advisory process, you decide your who will be your contact within Archipel.


We avoid assumptions and caveats, our advice is clear and concise
Together, we collect and analyze the underlying facts and documents (using our portal), so that your advice is based on as complete a background as possible. On that, we base clear recommendations so that you can directly rely our advice.


The advisory process is a transparent and cooperative one
After we have established your question clearly and completely, we get to work for you. We make sure that you have continuous access to information on what we’re doing and when. We consult with you on all decisive moments. This way, you stay in control and up to date.


Our invoices are predictable and as expected
In our portal, you’ll have direct access to our hour logs. Caps are automatically observed. This ensured that our invoices are never surprising and always as agreed.


Our interests are always aligned
By establishing an open and clear way of working together, we make sure that both our interest are server by a fluent advisory process and a strong outcome. Even if this means that we are done faster!

Our Focus

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Our specialisations

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