We developed MyArchipel to serve as your online tax organizer. The idea is to automate the non-tax related tasks and to make them transparent. This allows us to work faster and to spend time only on tax related work, and ensures that you have continuous acces to information about what we’re doing. About our time spent and about the contents of what we’re producing.

MyArchipel Jobs

MyArchipel works on a ‘jobs’ basis. In your dashboard, you’ll find an overview of the jobs that are planned, completed or in progress. Of the time that has been spent on them and what’s been done in that time, and what the status is of you end deliverable.

Jobs overview

In your personal portal environment, you can see all your jobs in one single menu. The job’s deadline and its status are shown. Finished jobs will become ‘read only’ and remain accessible, so that you can always trace what’s been concluded at the touch of a button. Added advantage is that new persons in charge can catch up on your tax history in one simple data environment, and that other service providers can find their way in your financial background.

Jobs menu

When you select one specific job, you will find an environment with the following folders;

  • Fact finding: this is where we save the relevant background documents in a secure location, so that we don’t need to describe and cover the underlying documentation in the deliverable;
  • meeting notes;
  • Advice: this is where you will find the ‘end product’; the ultimate deliverable based on our fact finding, correspondence and our work;
  • Invoices: this is where you’ll find the (automatically drafted) invoices that relate to the job. The invoices automatically contain the hour ledgers that have been recorde in the portal from the advisor’s side and cannot be altered with manual inputs;
  • Correspondence: this is where we save the most important emails, letters and
  • Hours: this is the overview of who, on which day, did what on this job and how that took. This overview is updated every day and directly shows the advisor’s hour registration system. You have direct insight into our CRM system; our time spent and where we’re heading on your job.

Time spent overview

This overview provides you with live access to our CRM system (hour registration). With this direct link between our systems and your portal, we aim to make services completely transparent. One of the most frequently heard objections to tax services is that the ultimate invoice is so unpredictable, which makes the decision whether or not to ask for advice difficult, and has a negative influence on it. At Archipel, we open the curtains. After all, it is nothing more than logical for you to be completely informed about what we are doing for you.

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