VAT and VAT rates are different in each country. If you want to do business in the Netherlands as a non-Dutch company, you must therefore comply with the Dutch VAT regulations. But of course it is even better if you can also benefit from the possibilities offered by these regulations.

That is why Archipel Tax Representation offers VAT representation services for non-Dutch companies. Our highly educated and experienced VAT experts will help your company to optimise its (global) VAT position.

VAT representation

ATR offers VAT representation services for non-Dutch companies. By appointing ATR as VAT representative (with general license) the company can make use of some fine features of the Dutch VAT legislation that normally would only be available for Dutch established companies, such as the License to defer import VAT and the use of the 0% VAT rate for VAT warehouse schemes.

In some cases appointing a VAT representative is obligatory:

  • Non-EU companies selling B2C across Europe (distance selling)
  • Oil and excise goods traders
  • Bulk traders
VAT compliance

Once the company is registered for VAT it needs to be compliant with local VAT reporting obligations. ATR’s in-depth knowledge and experience ensure that all VAT filing requirements are met and the company is fully VAT compliant.

We can assist you with:

  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns that meet all local requirements of your specific business activities
  • Monitoring of distance selling thresholds and VAT rate changes relevant for pricing and billing
  • European Sales Listings for your cross-border EU transactions
  • Intrastat returns for your flow of goods involving EU countriesAny other reporting’s including:
  • Annual VAT returns
  • European Purchase Listings
  • Local sales listings
  • VAT recovery
VAT advice

Being VAT compliant is one thing, but a company should be aware of its indirect tax position as well to generate value across complex operations and supply chains and optimize efficiency. The digitalization of certain business processes is a way to increase efficiency, but a full understanding of how technology works for a business is essential.


We are glad to help you with your VAT affairs:

  • VAT Representation in the Netherlands
  • VAT Compliance
  •  VAT advice





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